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10 things that should not be missing in any studio - none of them have to do with music!

What things belong in a recording studio? Sure, you immediately think of some important things: mixer, microphones, speakers, computers, displays, instruments, but there are also some things that nobody has directly on their radar when they think about the equipment of a studio.

We have put together a selection of 10 things that, in our opinion, should not be missing in any studio and none of them has anything to do with music in the broadest sense. The order does not reflect any valuation or weighting of the things among themselves.


The kitchen is a central place to sit together, relax or plan. It's no different in the recording studio than in your home, they say so beautifully, every good party ends at some point in the kitchen ... And that would certainly only be half as good and productive if it weren't for delicious coffee. So a coffee machine that makes delicious espresso, milk coffee or just black coffee is an important detail that should not be missing in the studio. Just take care of your cups, I think everyone can tell their story about how a desk or other device has already been soaked with coffee.


A large selection of different types of tea is just as much a part of the basic equipment of the recording studio kitchen as the coffee machine. This of course also includes a teapot, a warmer and elegant cups for enjoying tea. There are enough people who just don't like coffee and still want to have a drink to relax and unwind. In addition, tea is also a great thing for voice recordings, because it calms the voice and does not add any background noise to the recording, such as orange juice.


A recording studio needs cozy corners where you can hang out and which are so cozy that you can recharge your batteries and get new ideas. It doesn't have to be grandma's wing chair, it can also be a cool, modern armchair. The only important thing is that it is comfortable. We have cool beanbags from Fatboy. They are always very pleased. Just be careful that your musicians don't fall asleep during production ...


As the operator of a recording studio, you sit in the control room in front of the mixer for many hours a day and many underestimate how important it is to have a good office chair. Many people quickly grab the supposed bargain from the discounter. But believe me, you will regret that. The perfect office chair in the control room is at least as important as good microphones. Your back will definitely thank you. We rely on the great swoppers from Aeris.


How often don't you have to look for something in the recording studio twilight? Quickly check the cabling in the rack or what if the power fails ... That's why flashlights are placed in different places in the recording studio a great thing.


Playing a soccer tournament quickly can be a great change from everyday production. That's why a TV with a game console definitely belongs in the lounge or kitchen of the studio.


Sure, it is enough to have coffee, tea and water available. But offering added value for your recording studio with cool drinks is also not a bad idea. We always have a well-stocked refrigerator with cold drinks from Fritz-Kola at the start and often a keg of beer in our chilled tap system.


Quickly capture a thought, write a lead sheet, correct texts, forge a big plan, write down mix corrections or just paint a bit to switch off. That's why pens and paper belong in a recording studio.


At least headache pills belong in the recording studio pharmacy. You can always help out with it, but a gauze bandage or plaster for first aid are also recommended.


Every tuner, every acoustic guitar and also many floor kicks need batteries. So keep some in your recording studio. Above all, the 9V block variant is always requested and every musician will thank you!


Would you have guessed even a part of it on the list? Probably not, or, in my opinion, you make your stay and creative work possible or simply more pleasant. But what is really important to create something cool together, right? What do you think? Still missing something important? I am happy about your opinion, just use the comment function and write what you absolutely need in a recording studio.


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