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Demo for speakers - what is a good audio sample?

As a speaker, why do you need an audio sample at all? Well, it's your business card, so to speak! In addition to an overview of your references of completed productions, your real figurehead. Because when a customer asks us to do a voice recording, the first thing we do is to sift through the audio samples from potential speakers and make an initial selection and then put these audio snippets together for our customer.

A demo of your work can be found on your homepage in the form of mp3s or you can create an audio CD that you can distribute or send to potential clients.

Every recording studio that works with speakers has a small database of audio samples. We also have something like this, but if we need a more extensive selection, we are happy to fall back on a specialized voice agency.


If you don't have an audio sample yet and want to produce one, I would like to give you some tips so that you can market yourself successfully:

- What styles?

I am often asked what content should be offered in an audio sample? I cannot generalize that. The only thing I can give you on the way is that you should only show your "best side", that is, styles in which you are absolutely sure and particularly good. So it makes no sense to speak a message text if you mostly only synchronize cute characters in animated films. You understand what I mean?

Make sure you try to cover a few different areas. That can be something from the areas of advertising, voice over, synchronous, answering machine or sound branding! You are also welcome to bring in foreign languages ​​or dialects. But the same applies here, only if you are really sure about it. Because with a recording they will expose you that you can only “berlin” a few empty phrases. Remember!

- With or without music?

At first glance, an audio sample with stored music seems more complete, of course, but there are some advantages and disadvantages that have to be weighed up! If the music is too loud, it will distract from your voice and make the content incomprehensible. A rehearsal without music can be much more useful, especially for recording studios, since it can be incorporated more easily into a context and thus better presented to the client.

- Technical

The audio sample should be professionally recorded. Nothing is worse than a bad recording that distracts from the content. You will most certainly be rejected if your audio sample is not produced well. Also make sure that it is not too compressed and limited. That should of course depend on the genre you want to present, because an advertising text that is too quiet is just as inappropriate as a synchronic text that is too loud.

- How long?

Nobody listens to long samples, they should always be short and crisp. Simply reduced to the essentials.


A pre-produced audio sample can of course only be the first step in selecting the speaker. Because often the style fits the commissioned text, but maybe not the mood. Then it is often the case that the customer simply cannot imagine how his text will sound with the selected speaker. A casting is then always the next step, so that the speaker will speak an excerpt from the text, either on site or in a large-scale casting in the recording studio.

I've also written an article on the subject of speaker casting.


If you are planning your audio samples now, just listen to the demos from successful and experienced speakers. This gives inspiration and maybe helps you to produce your own high-quality content. In any case, take the time to record the audio samples and set a sufficient budget. Because only the cheapest possible shots will certainly not get you anywhere.

I hope I was able to give you some tips and you will receive audio samples that are useful and meaningful for your interested parties.

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