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MeisterTask vs. Trello - The ultimate comparison of the two project management tools

When I first looked at it, perhaps using a tool to plan my projects, I quickly came across Trello and got stuck with it for a long time. At that time I organized and hosted a concert and Trello helped me keep a complete overview of the various trades. Back then there were some people around me who used Trello, but then switched to MeisterTask. That also moved me to take a closer look at MeisterTask and so I switched and stayed there.

I have been working with MeisterTask with my team for three years now and enjoy the advantages over Trello. Since a colleague recently told me how enthusiastic he was about Trello, I thought you should compare Trello with MeisterTask and write about it.

No sooner said than done, here is my attempt at an objective comparison of the two tools.


What exactly do you do with Trello or MeisterTask? Well, both are tools that help you to divide projects into tasks and subtasks and thus to plan better.

Imagine you had a blackboard in your office and it was divided into three columns and labeled “Open”, “In progress” and “Done”! Now you just write down your task on a "Post-it" and stick it in the correct column on the board.

Depending on the status, your note will now move from left to right across the board. Everyone on your team does that now.

As you can see, this gives you or your team the perfect overview. Imagine that in a tool that you can access online, practically from anywhere in the world. With the blackboard you expand your office practically to infinity.

In the current time of the "corona pandemic", where cooperation is not always possible on site, this means sheer insane possibilities and thus brings your team closer together virtually, so to speak!


Trello and MeisterTask are both based on the classic Kanban principle. It was launched in the Toyota plant in Japan as early as 1947, long before IT processes were integrated. Cards, loosely translated as "Kanban", were labeled with ToDos and hung up in three columns that were labeled with "Open", "In progress" and "Done"! The cards were moved from left to right, depending on the processing status. Are you familiar with that…

At the time, this revolutionized production and warehousing in this plant. Thus "Kanban" boards were born. A board does not necessarily have to consist of only three columns, it can also be structured in much more detail and thus map the most complex processes.

Do you know that you always have to laboriously and time-consuming to find your information about projects from a mix of old emails, files from some folders, old chat processes from WhatsApp and perhaps an "overflowing" to-do list? That is frustrating and by no means productive!

A Kanban tool such as Trello or MeisterTask will not only help you with planning, but also with the internal communication to completely dispense with emails or instant messengers such as WhatsApp!


Are you wondering what you could need such a tool for now? The areas of application are quite diverse! Perhaps it will help you to see where I and my team use MeisterTask in "daily business":

  • Plan new project ideas
  • Editorial plan (blog, vlog, social media)
  • Music production (EP, album)
  • Marketing plan
  • Lessons (school, music school)
  • Concerts
  • Bucket list


Now I would like to start with my direct "1: 1" comparison and have tried to put together what I believe to be the most important criteria:

  • user interface

I think that the "look" of Trello is already very dusty. MeisterTask, on the other hand, has a very modern interface that is fun to work with. Anyone who has worked with both tools will understand this directly. This is of course a matter of taste, but I think it is a not unimportant criterion.


  • overview

As long as you only have a few projects and manage them with Trello, the overview here is okay. But when you get there to manage more than 10 projects and more at the same time, MeisterTask already offers a much better overview. The dashboard alone with the overview of all active projects, the quick time recording and the tasks assigned to me helps a lot to keep an overview. The most important feature of MeisterTask is the agenda function. Here every user can create their own sorting and prioritization across all projects. Absolutely helpful with a lot of different projects you work on. Trello doesn't have that.

#winner #meistertask

  • integration

If you want to integrate external services such as Teams, Slack or GitHub, both tools have their options. However, Trello has a clear lead here, because when it comes to the catalog of services, the possibilities seem endless.

MeisterTask can score again here by connecting its in-house MindMap solution "Mindmeister", which enables seamless integration with MeisterTask. This is just great for creative planning.

#winner #trello

  • automation

A huge advantage of MeisterTask over Trello are the so-called automations. Actions for cards in certain columns help to easily automate repetitive activities in project management. A simple application example is a column in which all cards should always be assigned to a specific person. So you set the automation "assignment" and all cards that are placed in this column are automatically assigned to this particular person.

You won't find this feature at Trello. A unique selling point of MeisterTask.

#winner #meistertask

  • costs

First of all, both tools are available in a free version. The limits here are a maximum of 3 projects at MeisterTask and 10 boards at Trello. The maximum number of team members is not limited for either.

In the case of the payment options, both differ only slightly in the scope of functions that are then activated, but clearly in the prices called up. I have compared the costs per month:

Trello $ 0 / $ 12.50 / $ 17.50 per month and MeisterTask € 0 / € 8.25 / € 20.75 per month. If you note that the middle variant is the recommended one for both tools, MeisterTask wins here too.

#winner #meistertask

  • security

Where is your data stored? Not unimportant for data protection under European law! Trello has its servers in the USA and therefore also stores your data there.

MeisterTask, on the other hand, belongs to the German-Austrian company "MeisterLabs" and stores all data on German servers in Frankfurt and thus complies with all current data protection regulations (GDPR).

Certainly not so important when used in a private environment, but an absolute "K.O." Criterion in a business environment!

#winner #meistertask


For me, MeisterTask offers some clear advantages over Trello. The most important thing in a business environment would be data protection. Unfortunately, Trello loses because of its server location.

But in addition to data protection, I also see advantages in terms of appearance, costs and the integrated range of functions of MeisterTask.

MeisterTask is the clear winner here!

If you haven't used a tool yourself, today is the right time to start. Go to the MeisterLabs homepage and register. You can completely rely on the fact that in the end you will find all your necessary information, to-dos and ideas in one place. To be too good to be true? No, believe me, it's just great. Here we go!

If you need help getting started, I've created an online course to make it easy for you to get started.

If you are currently still using Trello, nothing should stop you from simply switching to MeisterTask. After all, MeisterTask has an exemplary import function to turn all your Trello boards into projects in MeisterTask. With all cards, to-dos and tags. You bring everything over with you and can immediately continue working in MeisterTask. Just try it out.

I have a discount code for you!

If you have decided to work with the Meistertask tool immediately, you can easily save with my discount code “rurton” and get the Pro version 10% cheaper (applies to the first monthly or annual payment).


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