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Sayings from the rurton "bubble" - Merch music production


Such colleagues are also a social “bubble”. And sometimes you don't even notice how incredibly nerdy this bubble is. We have often noticed that someone can think we are insane if he comes “into the basement” at the end of a working day and sees these over-excited people there. Such highly concentrated work has to be compensated for somehow.

Over the years some sayings have been uttered again and again. Friends, colleagues, musicians, audio nerds and customers have motivated us to make them a little more tangible. And this gave rise to the idea of ​​printing the first series from a rich pool of stupid, comical, but sometimes not so stupid sayings on merch.

Since we are of course not only dealing with “professionals” (see below), we will at this point address the questions of what the sayings are all about ...


It's to warm you up, and it's not really ours either. Nevertheless it falls again and again and belongs in the same category as “Yes, you can do it like that, but then it just sucks!”. It's really just meant to show that something is not professional in this situation.

Area of ​​application "Einmal mit Profis!":

  • You want to annoy a real professional when something goes wrong that he really can't help.
  • You want to use sarcasm to distract from your own ineptitude.
  • You did something completely mundane (like dropping a cup of coffee).


That's really a strange thing ... The origin is probably somehow in the Eifel, because not that many people can do anything with it. "Turn off the brack !!" or "What kind of brack is that?" they say in the Eifel. I couldn't really figure out why this was being said here, but my grandparents and my parents did. It seems to be the case that brackish water is somehow dirty water in a pond or body of water ... Well, the saying makes a lot of difference with the right energetic attitude! You can really hit the shit with it!

Application area "Brack!":

  • When someone hears loud music that really annoys you!
  • When a band is really not good and you want to express this opinion to your viewer-neighbor in the audience.
  • When an audio engineer mix is ​​really good but you want to piss him off.


This phenomenon can often be observed in producers who are more musicians. Sometimes I'm so in the creative arrangement tunnel that I ask Markus "Why does that sound so stupid?" and laughing, he replies “Because everything is so loud that the sum is red”. That means: I layered instruments again and didn't notice in my tunnel that the sum was up and that the summing compressor in the studio had long been pumping. What do you say with a wink? "Have you mixed away from your body again?" Means: All faders moved away from you so that everything becomes “louder”. In other words: sound through volume! A real paradox ;-) This is really a nerd audio nerd thing, I think. They think it's very funny.

"Immer vom Körper weg mischen!", Try it out if ...

  • ... you are with an audio nerd at a concert where the sound is really bad.
  • ... you want to give someone a 20-second crash course in mixing and break this complex world down for them in one sentence.
  • ... you don't like a rock mix yet and you want it to shoot more!
  • ... you stand next to an FOH mixer and just want to annoy him with the 63rd stupid saying in the evening.
  • ... you want to put a FOH mixer under pressure and want to send a signal like “I'm watching you” ;-)


It's hard to read, but it's really easy. English “mute” (audio nerd language) means that one e.g. “switches off” a track or a channel. The possibilities to appear clever nine times with this or to excite people are so varied that I don't want to restrict your creativity too much.

"Muten geht immer!", Example for the application:

  • You want to insult a singer after he / she sings a take.
  • You want to insult an engineer who showed you his mix and is actually still naive enough to believe you are just "cool, a masterpiece!" instead of noting change requests.
  • You want to prevent an idea from a musician in the arrangement!

Well then be creative. But don't offend too much ;-)


With us comes from the rhetorical context "Komm...äh...mach!" or “Jetzt mach aber auch!”. You can use this sentence as motivation for the addressee, but also express your impatience with it.

We say "Mach geil jetzt!" when ...

  • ... a singer sings the 100th take of a line. ;-)
  • ... you actually want to motivate a team member to do something that is on the edge of his or her ability to do something, if not completely out of reach.
  • ... you are just as impatient as Denis. Then you say that after every second sentence.
  • ... you want someone to drive faster. Optional also: "Fahr (endlich) geil jetzt!"

Addon: You can add “Aha! You are finally coming to yourself! " to express that someone is finally doing things to your satisfaction - and solely on your motivation.


Or "tacker das mal schnell rein!" The name of our podcast “Reingetackert!” is actually derived from the fact that in the studio we often say “Tacker put it in quickly!”. This sentence comes from Markus and means that you quickly come up with an idea so that you can imagine the context. Example: Someone says “Hey there has to be a guitar theme here da daaaaa dadaaaa da daaaaa dada dadaaaaa”. Then you say “Tacker in quick”, which I think actually means: “I don't know what you're talking about. And I don't care either. I look at the meter bridge and watch out for phase rotations ”or something ...

"Reingetackert!" - Scope of application:

  • “Do it quickly”!
  • Write that down so you don't forget.
  • Think the idea through to the end on the sheet (or in the arrangement) so that we can imagine it.


As a singer, you can learn to really hate him! That usually means “The take was shit, and again!”. If you then watch the producer and engineer laughing in the director's office, but you have no idea what to do because you're in the recording room and they haven't pressed the talkback button, that rounds off the situation and is the perfect sarcastic remark to let singers run away from their skin. Of course you shouldn't really be that sensitive, and you should also learn not to take yourself so seriously or not to let everything get so close to you. Oh, we stumbled across added value in this blog article! I hope you lasted this long! :-)

"Emotional super, aber mach noch einen!" always use when ...

  • ... you want to say that this take is not 100% what you want it to be.
  • ... you want to put it in such a way that the singer blows out of the skin.
  • ... you actually made a mistake yourself while recording that you want to cover up.
  • ... you just want to have a few more minutes of peace with your producer and want to keep the diva behind the record a little busy.


What kind of sayings do you have that we don't know yet? We are really interested! There is nothing better than new material to piss off your colleagues.

But let's be honest, of course it's not about offending people, but about compensating pressure in difficult situations. Seriously: Such a saying can work wonders! With the right tone of voice, you can also send many messages such as “If everything is half as bad, come on, we'll make it!” So please don't get us wrong.

#teamlove is very important to us.

So say something nice to each other and believe in each other. This is the only way people open up and share their ideas. And that can really blow you away in a trusting environment. But you have to create that together first.


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