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Just see Corona as an opportunity - turn the negative for the positive!

When the first reports about the corona pandemic surfaced in the media at the beginning of the year, I didn't think about it, because the consequences were just too far away for me. In Germany, or more precisely, here on site, there was simply nothing to be felt. So even in March I was still on a short trip to Mallorca with a friend and we went mountain biking for a few days.

A short time later, Germany is in what is known as lockdown and the effects of the virus have reached my life directly and immediately.

First of all, like most of them, I only wanted to see the negative, namely that I had to restrict studio operations and, due to the closure of schools and kindergartens, I could only do my job to a very limited extent.

After a while, however, my mindset changed and I realized that the new situation simply offered many opportunities. I would like to show you what drove and inspired me personally.


I was soon able to cope better with the time I had involuntarily gained. Like most of them, I spent a lot more time in the garden at the beginning than usual at the same time of year. I have done so many things together with my family as I have not for a long time, and I myself have had more time for the things that might otherwise be neglected: I cycled more again, read a lot of books, listened to music and was able to devote myself to my hobby youngtimers.

Isn't it crazy that a pandemic has to come around the corner in order to live more consciously again? Because that's actually what it is when you allow yourself more free time and do more with your family or with yourself.


In my rurton universe, I took the time and turned my entire external presentation and orientation upside down. This not only included a redesign of the rurton corporate identity, but also a division into the new rurton parts, which you can also find reflected here on the homepage. Yes, and this new homepage here was ultimately part of my rethinking and the innovation process that I initiated in the Corona phase. It was important to me that everything you find about rurton on the Internet reflects what it is: rurton, an "audio hub" - a universe around my team and me!


Most of the time, I was no longer able to work here on site with both my customers and my team. I couldn't go out to my customers either, so online conference tools like Zoom, FaceTime or Skype became one of the most important things in communication with one another.

I use MeisterTask as a planning tool in my projects, and it is an incredibly cool function that I can not only invite my team to plan the project, but also my customers. Thanks to the communication within the project boards, I can set my mail traffic within projects to almost zero.

In any case, I think that everyone has approached something. In the past, meetings and get-togethers would have always been on-site without questioning that, today we tend to assume an online meeting. If oral communication doesn't suffer from it, I think that's a good development, especially for the environment. Last but not least, it saves journeys and flights across Germany.


Which brings us to the next topic. The environment thanks us, there are far fewer cars in the area, flights are completely canceled or reduced to a minimum, and hundreds of large cruise ships are in the ports.

I believe that we humans are also good at simply going on like before after the pandemic, but some things cannot simply be "switched on" again.

In any case, I strongly hope that we are ready to learn here too and that Corona will help us rethink.


I was lucky enough to be able to produce the album “Dezemberzeilen” with wonderful people within the project “vierdafür”. That would probably never have happened without the framework conditions of the Corona crisis.

It definitely helped me to further consolidate my life goal, because, based on Steve Jobs, I want to “cut a notch in the universe” and create something lasting with my work.


I used the time of the pandemic as an opportunity for changes in my life and in the rurton universe. If not, you should too! Or have you already done that and seen the opportunity long ago?

If so, then I would be interested in how you managed the "twist" and what positive have you got out of this Corona! Please write it to me in the comments here.

Photo: Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash


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