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The new homepage is online - rediscover

At the end of the “crazy” year 2020, my new homepage is finally online and the wait is over!

“rurton” now has a new shop window on the Internet

You can't imagine how happy and relieved I am, but also a little bit proud that she is really finished now. For months, in countless hours, I and my team worked on the structure, the design and the content (texts, photos, music, eBook, course and blog) with great passion and a lot of heart and soul. Now there is the reward.

The best thing would be if you would give me feedback, regardless of which way, how you find your way around, whether you already knew everything about "rurton" or whether you have learned something new ...

Just let me know, write or tell me, because you are the reason why I have done so much work!

I would now like to give you some detailed background information about the new site and maybe also explain my intention behind the content here and there.


The starting signal for the new “rurton” began in the summer with rethinking my direction and target group. It was important to me that all aspects of my work and my team were mapped.

So I came up with the idea of ​​establishing rurton as the umbrella brand with 5 different branches:


After the new direction was clear, it was time for the corporate identity. I found the old rurton logo a little "dated", especially the font and the connection between the logo and the lettering seemed absolutely out of date to me. In addition, it was not possible for me to implement my new direction with the various divisions.

So I made the following requirements of my designer: the new logo should be kept rather simple in black or white and the 5 new different categories could then be identified by striking colors.

I think the result is great and above all nicely reduced and at the same time modern.


Since some of my customers, especially in the "rurtonmixing" section, are international, it was particularly important to me that the entire site would not only be available in German, but also in English!

So all the content was first created by me in German, edited by Iris Cairn and then translated into English by lovely Jenny Chenney.


In my blog you will find many interesting articles on all rurton divisions, the exciting podcast “Reingetackert!”, Which will not start until February 1, 2021, and cool videos!

There will always be new content, the best thing to do is to subscribe to the newsletter and get all updates straight to your email inbox!

Since blogging shouldn't be a communicative one-way street, I'm looking forward to a lively exchange with you! Please leave me your opinion in the comments.


It is my goal to offer different courses, suitable for the different rurton branches. The offer starts with the video course “MeisterTask für Musik” from the “rurtonconsulting”.

More courses will follow later. Be curious, so much has been revealed, there will be something from the "rurtonproducing" division!


I would like to expressly thank everyone who helped me with the creation of the homepage. These are listed individually:

Thank you for your help!


Take a look around the whole site and discover the new rurton!

I am more than curious how you like it. What do you like best, what do you perhaps also dislike.

Write it here in the comments, I'm really looking forward to your feedback.


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