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"Voice messages are just stupid" - the unwanted monologue

In my everyday life as an audio engineer, consultant and project organizer, I find myself somewhere between work, family and my private life throughout the day. That means I change my "hat" several times a day and always take on a different role, have a different view of things. In order not to sink into chaos and above all into absolute unproductivity, a lot of self-discipline and, above all, calm is required. And so for a number of years I have imposed a few rules on myself that help me to sharpen my focus and keep track of things. As far as the use of my smartphone is concerned, this includes, among other things

  • no emails
  • no WhatsApp or other messengers (link article),
  • no mailbox / voicemail
  • no social apps like Facebook / Instagram
  • no notifications
  • no counters on app icons

Because you may already know that smartphones that constantly beep for your attention in every situation in life are the absolute productivity killer. And not just in meetings, at work or at lunch with good friends. Almost always!


Believe me, it's more than fine and it just feels wonderful. The worst thing in this “brave new world” is, in my opinion, voice messages. I just find them stupid and superfluous. I used to think answering machines and voicemail boxes on cell phones were crazy. In any case, you can be sure, should you find any way to get one of these "things" to me, I will definitely not listen to them! What's going on with me and where does this radical and strange-looking attitude come from? Let's go…


1. Rude and selfish

Why are you actually sending voice messages? Yes, because it is "faster" for you, because you currently have "no time" and in general ...

I would rate that for myself and say you only do it out of laziness! That's pretty selfish! In addition, you shift your "time problem" over to your counterpart, because you can record a voice message with less effort but automatically force more effort on the other side to listen to them and understand them.

Usually such behavior then requires me to write down the content. It's no fun at all, because voice messages are usually difficult to understand acoustically as you do them while jogging, driving or cooking.

2. Attention killer

Any direct communication requires that you take the time for it and pay your full attention to it. Receiving a voice message also means I have to “dive into” the message and listen to everything without being able to reply. This is an absolute productivity and attention killer.

3. Communication one-way street

Voice messages are not a dialogue but a pure monologue. A communication one-way street! You just knock all your thoughts out of your counterpart, without sorting and weighting, without meaning and understanding.

If I get a voice message, I think to myself, my counterpart apparently didn't want to call or write to me, how should I answer him now?

4. Length

Voice messages are never short and sweet and never bring the information quickly to the point. No, they are always unnecessarily bloated, completely unprepared and in their sum usually only result in a kind of meaningless "audio junk"! A short piece of information that could easily have been dealt with in a few seconds quickly becomes a monologue of several minutes through unnecessary babbling, in which it is necessary to filter what the really important things are. Just exhausting.

5. Call ban

You send me a voice message, that means for me: don't call! You don't want to talk to me for a minute to sort things out. A simple serial back and forth would quickly solve the problem. Telephoning is fantastic. Apparently that is getting lost more and more and I have the feeling that young people have completely forgotten what the initial idea of ​​a cell phone or a smartphone was.


For me there is really only one exception. It can help people with disabilities to communicate alternatively. But it is also not possible for you to write very long texts on a smartphone or by e-mail. That's a great thing, of course.


I think you can break it down very easily: I don't need more than a phone and a tablet or computer with an email account for communication! And that applies both professionally and privately.

Efficient and fun communication is simply based on these basic rules: I bring complex things to my counterpart in a searchable and retrievable way by e-mail and inquiries and small agreements by phone, if necessary by text message.

Voice messages just somehow make things worse, they simply take away any efficiency and personality from communication. You don't want to be one of those who think their ellenkong chattering monologues are important enough for their own little radio show.

"Voice messages are just mini podcasts for idiots!"

Start communicating directly again and stop the mutual dumping of mental hazardous waste, because talking is nice and we just don't do it enough. Direct contact with a person, be it by phone or eye-to-eye, is always better and, above all, always more productive! Maybe it just feels awesome for you to do without voice messages in your everyday life, but be honest with yourself, sometimes you have to make big decisions. And believe me, in the end you get more life, new friends and more time for yourself!


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