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Welcome to rurtonmixing

Your songs are recorded and you want a cool sound?

  • Let me have a go at it! I will mix your songs in my rurtonstudio and send them back to you in the highest quality and with a phenomenal sound!


There are a few things you need to bear in mind, so that I can mix your songs. 

I put together a little checklist that you can work through step by step, before sending me your data in a *.zip file.

Step 1 – Track bouncing and exporting

  • Format

    Regardless of your DAW, all tracks must be exported in *.wav 48kHz/ 24Bit. Please make sure that all files start at the same mark.
  • Stereo or Mono

    Please export stereo tracks as “interleaved stereo” and mono tracks as mono!
  • Clipping

    Please make sure that your tracks aren’t distorted. The average track level should be at -12dB(fs).
  • Track names

    Please give every track a clear and short name.
  • Automation

    Disable automation, to prevent e.g. volume automation to be exported with your tracks.
  • Plugins

    Deactivate all plugins on your tracks. If they are crucial and mandatory for your desired sound, then just leave them in. I do require an additional track without the plugins.
  • Fades

    Check all cuts and clips for clicking noise and if necessary use fades!

Step 2 – Information about your songs

Please include a text file with information about your song (tempo and time signature). Please also include any rhythmic changes that might occur within your songs.

Step 3 – References

  • Rough Mix

    Your own rough mix should not be missing - if you like you can include some information about what you would like your songs to sound like.

  • Reference Mix

    If you have a reference of other artists, you might want to include that, too, and describe why you chose that specific one.

Upload + Payment

You checked all your data, information and references? Then zip it all together and upload it to my server

After a successful upload you will receive a payment request. Once I receive your data and payment I will start mixing your songs! 


I will load your tracks into my DAW and use my experience and the rurtonstudio’s available equipment to develop your song!


You will receive your finished songs in two versions: once with mastering and once without, so you can pass it on to a mastering engineer of your choice if you like.


Mixing Package 24 Tracks

1 song with 24 tracks max, 2 revisions


Mixing Package 48 Tracks

1 song with 48 tracks max, 2 revisions


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Hey! Ich bin eine verlockende Überschrift!

All prices include the current statutory VAT! 


„I was able to experience Markus from rurtonmixing how he, in his element, let problems dissolve into thin air, but also how he put the finishing touches to high quality elements. Arising from his experience unbelievably musical mixes in which everything falls into place in the arrangement with felt ease.“ 
~Fabian Brümmer (Producer)




I will contact you and send you the login details for the upload!
You will also receive the invoice for the order.

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