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"Reingetackert!" - The podcast from the rurtonproducing team

What happens when you lock an audio nerd, a drummer and a singer & songwriter in a studio without daylight?

Right, at some point they start talking about their great loves, passions and a few affairs. Of course, it's about mixers, guitars and the production of the most important thing in the world: music!

In front of and behind the window, between the Eifel and cities, from professional audio production to demos in the attic, from traveling through yourself, meaningfulness, goals and the definition of success ... From expensive and cheap instruments and good craft ... From WhatsApp groups and MeisterTask advocates ... of philosophies, approaches and values ​​... and why you have to be able to listen to be a good musician or technician.

The three speak from experience and one thing is certain: "Reingetackert!" everything has to be! What that means? Play, write and mix to the point. This is their thing. The rurtonproducing thing. And now Denis, Marcel and Markus are also talking about it.

Take a look behind the scenes of a production team.

[Unfortunately, our podcast is only available in German!]

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