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Welcome to rurton­producing

Three specialists
three assets
one mission.

The combination of carefully arranged sounds, modern songwriting and well thought out planning, enables us to offer a complete solution that comes from under one roof.
You need sound for your textbooks?
We will get it done!
Markus Wimmer
Denis Sarp
Marcel Stoffels
Markus Wimmer - Audio Engineer (SAE)
“Working in the largest private recording studio in Cologne made it clear to me that only a professional environment can lead to professional results. I created this environment for the rurtonproducing team and you in the rurtonstudio. Through hundreds of music productions, voice recordings and recordings that I was allowed to perform, I bring a wide range of sound engineering and organizational experience with you, which you can benefit directly from in your project.

For me, the top priority for every job is to create modern sound, reliability, relaxed communication and well-thought-out processes.”
Denis Sarp - Drummer, songwriter (BA arts, Conservatory NL)

“After countless songwriting sessions, I discovered my affinity for writing. Years of reflection and the exchange with successful producers have led to the realization that the addressee is the focus of my thinking. Lyrics should be adjusted so that they can be understood directly by the target group. There's a lot of adjustment between the lines.

I always say so nicely: a song only has three minutes. So we have three minutes to tell the story.”

Marcel Stoffels - Singer, songwriter (BA arts, Conservatory NL)

“As a singer and songwriter, my focus is on the intention of the song and the liveliness of the music production. In my opinion, music for children should be designed so that it also reaches the children. During my time at school, I noticed that children understand musically much more than textbooks often offer, especially if you take them seriously as a listener.

My role in the team is the musical direction. My knowledge as a singing teacher flows into every production.”

Case study – Ernst Klett Verlag

Textbook series „Come In“ elementary school
Since 2015 we work together with the well-known textbook publisher from Leipzig. We had the pleasure of contributing all audio material for the elementary level English language textbook series “Come In”. Among many great songs, we also provided all speech recordings and radio play recordings for the series.


  • As the author of a textbook, I was very lucky to be able to work with the rurtonproducing team. The professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm of the three guys is literally in every single one of our audio tracks to listen. And we receive this feedback both from colleagues and from the little listeners. I would love to come back anytime, not least because working with the rurtonproducing team is almost like vacation feels.
    Portrait von Nina Heidelberg

    Nina Heidelberg

    Texbook author

  • Here in Leipzig we have the running gag ... “I want to work with professionals ONCE!” With the commissioning of “rurton” for the audio production of Come in, a teaching material for English from grade 1, we have already succeeded in THIS several times! I really appreciate the cooperation with the professional Markus Wimmer, because:
    à He understands that above all complex products have to be right in detail and that we have to correct mistakes again and again 2014 all come-in audio CDs with the necessary meticulousness and patience.
    à He breathes life into our stories and turns them into real radio plays.

    Heike Leonhardt

    Ernst Klett Verlag, Editorial management English elementary school

  • Together with Markus and his team, a great initial song for our new primer was created in an uncomplicated and happy manner. Markus composed a real ear charm for us, who runs up and down at our trade fairs ... Beside I especially liked the uncomplicated collaboration (“Just sing your version on my mailbox!”) that the result is an unusual song that children and teachers trust in musical taste and not reminds of a kindergarten song CD. Everything was perfect on schedule. Until the next song, dear Rurtton!

    Heike Stein

    Ernst Klett Verlag, Editorial English elementary school



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