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rurtonsession - a production without any frills or overdubs, straight from the rurtonstudio with the song "Monster" by "Imperial Tunfisch"!

With the “rurtonsession”, the rurtonstudio would like to report regularly from the end of 2015 with moving images to the sound. Together with a film team, “real live sessions” are produced here in the recording studio several times a year.

"Imperial Tunfisch" from Eupen / Belgium will soon present their first EP.


We do psychedelic indie rock and 2010 is considered the year the band was founded. Our sound is defined by melancholy sounds paired with electronic samples. In addition to quieter and deep sounds, tight drum beats and bass formations give the necessary assertiveness. In addition, small details provide a very varied and dynamic live sound.

Our songs and their lyrics leave space for interpretation and encourage critical reflection.


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