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INSEKTEN IM EIS - Jennifer Rostock (Cover)

How do we work in the rurtonstudio?

One cool day, Markus (rurtonstudio, recording, mix) and I really wanted to experiment again. And the “Insekten im Eis” by Jennifer Rostock. So we locked ourselves in the studio with Philipp Coenen (drums) and Jessica Kißmer (vocals). We actually wanted to try all sorts of things ... Settings, equipment, guitar sounds, we just took a few pictures for you.

The music is recorded in such a way that each instrument plays a live take, similar to our other project, the rurtonsession. Basically, you can see and hear completely unadulterated how we record and think in terms of sound. I love building simple but effective guitar arrangements like this. So describe everything very well our sound motto: we like well-considered arrangements with good sounds, and that was already the case in the template ...

• Acoustic guitar as a harmony carpet, open chords

• my “thick” Paula, who mutes distorted power chords or plays them in the chorus (not too much gain!)

• And with such a song a twangy Tele should not be missing, which also takes on the topic here and gets a bit of FX.

• At the end, a picked electric bass, which in our opinion should always complement the guitars with such a number) and hum less ...)

Questions about our arrangements?

We are happy to help you !!

How do you do it, give us your opinion :-)

Greetings from the studio,


Recording & Mixing: Markus Wimmer

Camera: Matze Huppertz

Editor: Markus Wimmer

Singing: Jessica Kilmer geb. Vidahl

Drums: Philipp Coenen

Bass, guitars, vocals: Marcel Stoffels

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■ EQUIPMENT ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■


Mixer: Euphonix CS 2000

Monitoring: Genelec 1037B, Real Sound Lab Coneq APEQ-2pro

Microphones: Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, EV, Line Audio, Shure, Audix, Townsend Labs

Converter: Motu 24Ai, 24Ao

Effects: TC Electronic System 6000

Processing: BAE, Elysia, Orban, SPL, Stam Audio, Tegeler, Warm Audio, Waves

PlugIns: FabFilter, UAD, Slate, Waves, SoundToys, Hofa

DAW: Avid ProTools

and much more ...

https: // ...


Cameras: Panasonic LUMIX G81, GoPro HERO7 Black

Editing: Adobe CC Premiere and Photoshop

Laptop: Razer Blade 15


Magdalena Büchel

Microphone: Sennheiser MD441

Marc Reece

Amplifier: Sessionette Amp - Sessionette 75, 12 "Vox Tonelab SE

Floor kicks: Vox - Wah, Boss -Adaptive Distortion, Boss - Bluesdriver, Ibanez - Tube King TK 999, Electro Harmonix - Soulfood, Hughes & Kettner - Metal Master

Guitar: Fender - Stratocaster (Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature)

Denis Sarp

Drum set: Yamaha Oak Custom, 10 "/ 12" / 14 "/ 16" Toms, 22 "BassDrum, 14" x 6.5 "Snare (Yamaha - Recording Custom), 14" x 5 "Side Snare (Pearl - Chad Smith Signature)

Cymbals: Sabian HHX (natural finish) 14 "Groove Hi-Hats, 17" Xtreme-Crash, 19 "Xtreme-Crash, 21" Groove Ride, 10 "Istanbul (Session Splash)

Christoph Chudaska

Bass: Squier JV series ~ 1982, original electronics, sanded finish, DR strings

Effects: Volume pedal Boss FV-50, Electro-Harmonix Micro POG Octaver, Boss OC2 Octaver, MXR Carbon Copy Delay, Tech21 Sans Amp Bassdriver

Amplifier: Mark Bass Combo Head II, 12 "box

Marcel Stoffels

Amplifier: Hughes & Kettner Thirty Combo 1x12

Floor kicks: Elektron Analog Drive, TC Helicon VoiceLive 3

Guitar: Stratocaster


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