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KONTROLLVERLUST - CHIP & CHAP German Intro rurtonsession

rurtonsession - a production without any frills or overdubs, here straight from the rurtonstudio.

With ever changing bands and artists.

With the “rurtonsession”, the rurtonstudio would like to report regularly from the end of 2015 with moving images to the sound. Together with a film team, “real live sessions” are produced here in the recording studio several times a year.

The band “Kontrollverlust” from Cologne delivers their second cover here. The rock version of the Ttiel song of the TV series "Chip und Chap" from their rurtonsession.


Party, rock, pop cover of the extraordinary kind.

Loss of control combines modern pop songs with party classics in their own unique way. your event will be a hit that will never be forgotten like a catchy tune.

You don't just want the Top40 standard program to be unwound? You want a fresh, modern, young, authentic, professional full-blooded musician band with a syphilitic front? then you found what you were looking for.

No matter if you are a birthday child, a fair goer or a wedding couple - we make your party rock!

If you lose control, everything is real: drums, bass, guitar, vocals and the joy of partying with rock music.


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