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MATES - C-WARE rurtonsession

With the “rurtonsession”, the rurtonstudio would like to speak regularly with moving images. Together with a film team there will be “real live sessions” here from the recording studio several times a year. 

A production without any frills or overdubs, here straight from the studio. With ever changing bands and artists. 

The band “Mates” from Koblenz kicks off with one of their debut songs. 

“Mates” is a German-oriented alternative band that made their stage debut in July 2015. Originally “Mate” was an English-influenced singer-songwriter project, but in the end it's more fun to write and perform together. With friends. With “Mates”. Everything that was before, from bigFM to DASDING and the top of the Netzparade, the many messages and clicks - that is the basis on which the new German-language songs and our small and large appearances can now grow.


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